A New Soul, A New Store


Echoing the emotional connection a woman feels when choosing a piece of jewelry, Âme’s retail theatre connects the senses with the soul. Reflecting a modern, un-fussy, new style of elegance, from the outside the store could be a futuristic glass jewelry box. Inside, the art of sound, smell and touch meld together to create an environment that is contemporary, feminine and warm.

Head on in to discover our collection housed in a family of pods. Meander between them and discover each has its own uniquely designed sound scored by Mimi Xu, the world-renowned female DJ and musician, who’s worked for Prada, Marni and more. As you move through the pods, an orchestra of tinkles, jangles, and echoes clatter to life as if from nature or from outer space.

A multi-layered scent custom created specifically for Âme captures the brand’s personality in an essence. Blended to smell cold yet warm, dark yet light, the fragrance is an artful balance modernity. And finally, touch – touch the pieces displayed within the pods. Feel the cool, smooth touch of gold and diamonds, as they warm against the skin. Brighten ears, necks, and fingers with flickers of luminous light. Look to around and discover you are surrounded by vibrant, tactile walls that appear to undulate, mimicking the waves it takes to grow an Âme-grown diamond.

Âme opens its first store in December at Westfield Century Center mall in Los Angeles, and in early 2019, a second store will be added on New York’s Spring Street. Immersive and experiential, Âme’s stores feature cutting-edge design to display jewelry in a way that is truly unique, with music, scent, and touch all being key elements in the store experience.

Westfield Century Center

10250 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90067
Monday – Saturday: 10am- 7pm
Sunday: 11am- 7pm

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