Miski Muse: Modestly Speaking


Ready for a breath of fresh air? Meet Miski Muse, model, body positivity activist and brand collaborator, she’s part of a new wave of women whose modest style proves being covered-up doesn’t mean boring. Quite the opposite, Miski’s Instagram feed feels empowering, zeitgeisty and bold.

Like her Sudanese mother, Miski covers her hair. And yet, it’s been a long time coming, women who cover up for religious or cultural reasons and for whom modest fashion is a way of life, finally having a presence in the media, be that on Instagram or in magazines. Even so, when Miski saw Halima, the internationally renowned Muslim supermodel, on the cover of a well-known women’s magazine wearing a hijab, she was moved to tears.

‘From a young age I wore earrings and to this day, they are my favorite accessories’

‘Travelling to Paris sooner than later so I can practice my French and eat all the bread and cheese my heart desires’

Now, more than ever before, young women are on a quest to be heard. Women want authentic storytelling and Miski’s interviews about anxiety and coping mechanisms could be one of the many reasons she’s gathered such an impressive following in a short period of time. Then there’s the beautiful make-up techniques and a unique ‘I don’t follow faddy trends’ style. Speaking of style, what’s in her wardrobe? ‘Statement earrings. What’s on her wish-list? ‘Statement earrings and a pair of cowboy boots.’ And, in the same way she loves bold earrings punchy lipstick is her signature make-up look. In an interview with Refinery 29, she once said, ‘when I do a deep lip, I’m like, what business are we handling today? As I’m applying, I’ll say, ‘You can do this and it’s going to be okay.’ Experimenting with jewelry and make-up as a form of expression, Miski is a role model for young women across the globe – wherever they may live.

Currently reading Shonda Rimes, Year of Yes, a book Miski describes as ‘life-changing’, her all-time favourite book is actually Harry Potter (she is a major fan). In addition to working on her time management skills and clearing out her winter wardrobe (a never-ending task for most women) her future plans include ‘travelling to Paris, sooner rather than later so I can practice my French and eat all the bread and cheese my heart desires. Which is entirely too much, to be honest.’ A model who eats bread and cheese, wears statement earrings and has the best range of lipsticks on Instagram? It’s no wonder she makes us feel good.

‘It’s our duty to search for the soul in things’

Despite what classmates may have said about her appearance in the past, Miski loves the skin she’s in. Could that be down to the rock-steady relationship she has with her mother? ‘My mother has the most beautiful soul and I always feel at home with her’. Finding soul, ‘in music and in deep conversations, soul is everywhere’, she says. ‘It’s in all of us. It’s our duty to search for the soul in things’, she continues. Miski, you’re our very modern muse.