Bianca Valle: Millennial Polymath

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A modern-day millennial-polymath, Bianca Valle is a true one-off. Painter, photographer, writer, wellness advocate, runner, filmmaker and jewelry collector, this determined young creative is definitely one to watch.

Describing jewelry as something beyond the every day, Bianca feels the pieces she wears are “a part of her being, an extension of her spirit and of her soul”. In Bianca’s ancestry, Mexican women place an ethereal importance and significance on the cultural beauty of jewelry. Her first experience of jewelry was in her Hispanic household, and it was here she formed a deep connection with her mother’s jewelry that ignited a lifetime passion. “In third grade, friends of my parents gave me a pair of tiny diamond earrings. I remember my mother being very shocked and telling me in a soft voice that ‘those earrings are very special’ and ‘I had to be careful’. Since that moment, I’ve been enamored with the idea behind jewelry and how precious it is”.

In Mexico, the jewelry tradition starts the day children are born. “Baby girls get their ears pierced right at the hospital. They start out life already lookin’ poppin’!” Bianca, due to being born in the States, waited until the grand old age of four months old to have her ears pierced. “Typical me, I cried and wiggled so much, one of the piercings was not centered. So mom had to wait until it closed up, and then took me back to get it done again. Ay, ay, ay!” Despite the rocky start, she feels empowered in a pair of “incredible gold chunky earrings”. Her favorite piece from Âme? “The small diamond hoops – perfect for the other piercings in my ears”.

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‘Soul is a genuine connection of love and kindness. Soul is being good to your core and leading with love.’

Bianca Valle wearing Ame ring and Ame bracelet

In everyday life, Bianca wears a combination of jewelry once belonging to her mother and grandmother. Now a full-time resident in Chinatown, New York, she admits her jewelry game “just got extra lit” after discovering a small hole-in-the-wall jewelry store called Popular Jewelry. “I go in there and talk to Annie for hours, debating on which length to cut my chains and how much it would cost to get a choker custom cut. They really hear me out and help me attain my gold jewelry glory”. Bianca believes jewelry is an investment worth saving up for, “I’ve saved and saved so I can buy these things once and then have them forever!”

With a simple style that could be described as a uniform of straight-leg jeans, sneakers, and blouses, if she could change one thing? “I would change the food system around the world, but firstly in America. No more processed foods. We need to go back to buying whole, fresh, in-season produce from our local farmers”.

Her favorite book? “The Four Agreements”, a book by best-selling author, don Miguel Ruiz that tackles ‘self-limiting beliefs’.

Her future plans? “To help people reach their most well self as well as working on finding my place in the world of wellness. I want to combine my passion for painting, fitness, nutrition, and fashion into one”.

As for how she defines ‘soul’? “Soul is a genuine connection of love and kindness. Soul is being good to your core and leading with love”. Amen.