Âme was created to enable fashion-aware women to wear stylish diamond jewelry as part of their everyday look. Creative Director Elinor Avni cares passionately about designing diamond jewelry that's 'wearable'. Her distinctive design aesthetic combines inspiration from the creative world with sleek geometric shapes, resulting in statement-making pieces that move seamlessly from understated daytime elegance to high-octane glamour. With roots in New York and touch points around the globe, Âme has been worn by trend-setters and taste-makers worldwide including Gigi Hadid, Gisele, Anne Hathaway, Gal Gadot, Lucy Liu, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Zendaya. Launched in 2019, Âme was established by diamond-industry disruptor, Alex Popov, who envisioned a new kind of luxury that reflects how women dress today. Wear the pieces you love. Wear them every day. Wear them with soul. Welcome to Âme.

Elinor Avni:
Creative Director of Âme

Creativity is the beating heart of Elinor Avni’s life. You can see it in the jewelry she designs and in the way she dresses (think elegant vintage finds mixed with sneakers, sportswear and well-cut tailoring). As for the modern way to wear diamonds?…

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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Conscious of the need to find more sustainable solutions for fashion, each Âme piece is made using only lab-grown diamonds. This revolutionary way of sourcing diamonds not only offers our customers a more ethical choice, it also elevates the design of our jewelry, by enabling new and different kind of diamond shapes to be created, branded Âme-grown™.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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